What Are the Early Signs of Autism?

Every child grows and develops at his or her pace, but they have to reach a certain development milestone by some specific age. But if the child is not matching or reaching that milestone then there is some problem and same needs to be corrected and consultation with a doctor is very much required. Some early signs of autism can be detected in kids at the age of 6-18 months. Below listed are some of the signs of Autism which any parent or guardian can detect in their babies.

Avoiding Eye Contact: Kids have good concentration level, therefore they maintain a good eye contact with the other person. It may not be a long eye contact but should be there for some time. So if a kid doesn’t maintain the eye contact and repeatedly try to ignore things then there is definitely a need to consult the paediatrician.

No Sharing Sounds and No Facial Expressions: If a kid does not produce any repetitive or back and forth sound then this is not a normal thing. As kids produce repetitive sounds back to back and if it’s not happening most of the times then the guardian should check with the doctor for same and should not treat it normal. An expression is the best part that one likes to see in the kids. But if the kid is expressionless then same needs to be corrected and checked.

No Words By 16 Months: Some kid’s starts speaking very early and some kids take a very long time for speaking out little words or phrases which is very normal. But if a kid doesn’t speak for 16 months then it’s a matter of worry and same should be checked and consulted with the doctor.

No Big Smiles Or Warm Greetings: Kids always have big smiles on their faces and greets other people very warmly. Some kids are quite cranky but some are quite jolly. Both the ways show that kids are normal and don’t have any problem with autism. But if they don’t show big smiles; warm greetings or cranky behaviour for long moments, then it is a matter of worrying.

Parents and guardians have to be very careful with their kids as one never knows these symptoms or early signs of autism. One should interact with their kids repeatedly so that they don’t face any growing problem.